All of our classes are co-ed, non-competitive, and consist of three sections: warm-ups, waza, and henka. Our instructors and senior students work one on one with lower belts to transmit the refined techniques of Hakko Denshin Ryu. The foundation of which centers around a set of traditional forms called waza. Because of the defensive nature of these techniques and the acute pressure they put on an attacker’s joints, our forms must be practiced with a partner.

Practical Self-Defense

Henka, or applications, on the other hand, apply the techniques learned in waza to real-world self-defense situations. Instructors often begin with common attacks one might encounter on the street. We then explore the various ways Hakko Denshin Ryu could humanely deal with an aggressor. We rely on causing enough non-destructive pain to our attacker’s joints that they lose the will to fight. In order to protect ourselves during training, we let our partners know when they have achieved this by “tapping out.”

Throughout all of our training we maintain a relaxed and collaborative environment. The purpose is not to dominate your training partner, but rather to help each other learn the techniques and applications of the beautiful and effective traditional martial art of Hakko Denshin Ryu.

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